Becoming Magnetic with Kat Elizabeth

I'm rebranding & a little terrified - the full story

February 18, 2022 Kat Elizabeth Season 2 Episode 12
Becoming Magnetic with Kat Elizabeth
I'm rebranding & a little terrified - the full story
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Yep, I'm about to undergo a rebrand which means things are about to change 'round these parts. And I'm not just talking about the logo and colours.

This rebrand is the result of a huge year of internal growth in 2021 and in turn, "outgrowing" the brand you see right now.

So in this episode I'm giving you the full scoop about...

→ Why I'm rebranding when my clients love my brand as it is
→ What the rebrand is going to involve
→ A sneak peak at how my inside out approach to the strategy
→ And why it's scaring the hell out of me (despite the excitement!)

But no more spoilers - you'll need to listen for the juicy details ;)


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Kat Elizabeth:

Hello it is, well, it's probably not going to come as a surprise to you now because I put it in the title of this episode, but it's rebrand time. It's what I've been saying is a fairly overdue, rebrand. But there is just so much to what I'm doing at the moment that I figured it would probably be helpful for me to actually share this because it really gets to be the multiple teach the multiple, the ultimate teachable moment. And I'm kind of going to be treating this upcoming process is like, I mean, I'm going to become my own case study, really. So I thought it would be fun to start this. And I don't know this this public case study, we've sort of a part one, really, which is the the why behind my upcoming rebrand. Also understanding like, I mean, what what's it involving, because, you know, it definitely is like, it's not just about the logo, as I'm always saying, and also give you a little bit of insight into what's been going on with my brain and my emotions during this time. Because I'm, I'm nervous. I'm not gonna lie. I'm nervous. So if you want the full scoop, keep on listening. Welcome to the Seen, Heard, Paid podcast, where we believe that success isn't just about what you need to do. It's about who you need to be. I'm your host, Kat Elizabeth. And each week, I'll be bringing you practical advice, honest stories and occasional dose of tough love to help you go from industry's best kept secret to in demand brand. So you not only get paid to do what you love, but can build a platform that creates meaningful, positive change and inspires the people around you to do the same. Let's get into it. Well, hello, my friends and happy 2022 I know I'm really late with this episode. I have been planning this one for a while and as I believe I hinted with my last episode where I had to reach into the vault to find a pre recorded interview to pull out because I've just not been up to it. Thanks to the good old Rona. I've been sick. My partner's been sick. We've had a family member who's been very unwell. It's been quite scary. Like it's just yeah, let's just say it's not been the smoothest start to 2022. But I'm, I'm hoping that this is this is it now that I can just get on with things start enjoying the year properly. But I'm really glad to be back. Although as I've kind of, again, I hinted in the intro. Also nervous, I'm not gonna lie. I've been kind of building this episode up in my head for a while. And I mean, I think part of it is just there's so much I want to share right now there's, I've just had so much so many lightbulb moments, so much clarity. I've just been going on so many like sort of deep journeys with clients at the moment and understanding what they're going through, which is helping me better understand my own framework and how I help and I don't know, it's just a lot. And I get very overwhelmed, because I'm like, Where do I even start? So I'm trying to lead by example here, because it's funny, I was actually talking to a client about this the other day, like they've been going through their own transformation. And it's happening so fast that they feel like they can't keep up with it. And there's so much they want to share. But then it's like, what do I what do I even say, and I'm trying to be like, I'm trying to put on my big girl pants, and just just put myself out there, despite not completely feeling ready, because the fact is, like, I'm telling all of my clients all the time, you never do feel ready. That's the point. So here I am now and I'm ready to give you the full scoop on what has really been going on, or at least I'm going to give you a taste of it. Because there's plenty more to come. But right now I'm sort of at the is it the cusp. I don't know if that's the right word. I feel like cusp is at the end anyways, I'm kind of at the beginning of what is going to be well where are we now. So I'm recording this mid Feb. and I'm a couple of weeks in to really intentionally beginning this process of my rebrand. And it's going to be going until around the end of April if everything goes smoothly. And if things don't go smoothly then it probably could be in to May but I'm really I'm just I'm really hoping it could be end of April that I get to birth this new brand into the world. And I thought what I would do is just start the documentation process because you know, I just love being my own experiment. I just can't help myself. But it's not fun if I don't get to share it. So today I thought I would dive into three things in a you know as much detail as possible to try not to ramble and bore you and you know, least just plant a few seeds so you kind of can follow the journey and understand what's really going going on, and also just really tie it to just to the what this real, like this brand building journey is all about, really, because that's the thing that excites me the most was when I get to go through these things and use it as a, as a teaching tool to just really put things in perspective. Because I mean, we've I've talked about this before, you know what I know it, we're seeing the highlights reel of so many people's, you know, businesses and brands, and we see all these amazing wins, and we see the shiny exterior, and just go oh my gosh, like I'm a train wreck, like, what am I doing wrong? Why is it taking so long? We just don't, we never know, we never really know what's going on behind the scenes. So, you know, and I'm look, I'm never someone that's advocating for like, oh, just share everything, because we should be sharing everything to make everyone feel about it. No, there is definitely a point. And I did this last year, as you might have have heard me talk about where I had to pull back. I've definitely been like, as you would have noticed, maybe, hopefully, if you missed me, I've been inconsistent, I've had periods of silence, I really retreated a lot in 2021, because that's just what I needed to do. But now the challenging part is coming out of that where it's it's almost become normal, and it's become safe to be behind the scene and be a little bit quiet. But I know now that it's actually starting to it's, it's, it's too it's gone on for too long, let's say, I know that I need to come out and start sharing again, because I am actually ready. I'm just scared. And so I mean, that's yeah, one of the first things that you should know is that it's, you know, that whole new level, new level. I think we're always aiming for like that time when it stops being scary, and it stops being so difficult, but they'll always be like, you'll level up, and you'll find the next level of challenge. And so, you know, for me, as you know, this, like, I guess, professional content creator, like you know, I, I cannot even count like how many 1000s of hours of content I would have recorded at this point. But yet, when I know that I'm ready to start sharing in a bigger way, I get scared because I you know, I've got my safety zone is showing up and sharing in the way I used to share. But that doesn't feel right anymore, which is kind of tying into this whole rebranding journey. So let's start with the why. Why in the world am I rebranding, especially when, on a weekly basis, I have people reaching out saying, I love your brand. So much. I'm like thank you. And I used to be like, Oh, that's wonderful. And now when I hear it, it's so funny because I kind of cringe like, Oh, thanks, but and I start apologizing for it. Which is silly. I know. But I think because I'm hyper aware right now of what I've already decided needs to change what is ready to change what's out of date, what's not working? You know, it's like almost triggering when someone compliments me on it, even though I know they would have like they would not know. Because I know I make a good first impression. But let's talk about what's been going on why I cannot go on with this brand as it is. So there's a few reasons. The first one is more just like it's just a simple one really straightforward. It's become quite stale, but also it's become very piecemeal. Okay, so what I mean by that is, I have been DIY this entire time. And I've always won the DIY badge, and you know, the scrappy, resourceful badge with a lot of pride because it got me a long way. And I know that I have really good skills, like, I'm very proud of the fact that I know my I know how to build a website from scratch, I've always been able to do my own own graphics copy, like I've done a lot. And that's great, because it's meant that I am so well equipped to help other people with theirs, especially when they're in that stage of needing to do it themselves. But let's be real like at this point. So I've been in business for seven years, not this brand. But I've been self employed for seven years. And I've had The Personal Branding Project for two and a half of those. And The Personal Branding Project started. I mean, it kind of rolled off the back, it was a pivot, you may have heard the story where I was, you know, I've been a copywriter this whole time, but I knew I wanted to start doing online courses, I wanted to do something different. And I started by launching Gameface by Kat, which was going to be a course. I mean online education, sort of like hub, teaching makeup and like camera confidence and things because that just made sense at the time. And then after my first launch, I just realized that's not what I want to do. I don't want to talk about makeup all the time. I didn't want to talk about like camera confidence in that way. And so I ended up going through this, I mean, had a bit of a meltdown first, and then I picked myself back up and I pivoted and that's when I sort of birthed The Personal Branding Project. But let's be honest, the way I did that it turned around in about a week. I just had the idea. I knew the name like just came to me I was like yep, The Personal Branding Project. I'm going to launch a podcast, I whipped up the, like the logo in Illustrator or whatever it was at the time. And I had all of this sort of like the visuals in place for Gameface. And didn't want to make it such a dramatic pivot where my entire feed looked completely different. So I kind of just took those colors I had like pink and blue at the time. And I sort of adapted them slightly. And over time, I think I replaced, you know, I replaced the blue with the green, but essentially, it just kind of was almost an accident. Okay, so that was part of it was that I wasn't very intentional about that. But also, because I've been figuring it out as I go along. Oh, my goodness, the number of mini pivots that I've been doing, like the the number of courses that I launched an office that I've put together and like my website is actually built in multiple templates, because like I had one template and they released this other template that I liked better. So I started using pages of that one. And like, my website is held together with duct tape right now. Like, I know, I'm being dramatic, but there is lots of broken links as well. So things not working, because I've pulled things down and I thought some pages were deactivated. But that turned out someone found it. And I was like, Oh my gosh, this is getting ridiculous. Like I knew I needed to do a clean sweep of the website. But it was so much more than that than that, that I wasn't just going to tackle the website, I knew it had to be more things. So it's the same like my, if you looked at my Canva account, you'd probably have a heart attack, like it's it's a mess of templates that I've bought and tried and tested out and look to be to be real. I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but I was I was diagnosed with ADHD last year. And that also explained a lot about my approach to things in the past, very rushed, and like shiny object syndrome, trying other things. And if it didn't work, I just grabbed another thing. So that like that rinse and repeat that for two and a half years. And that's how you end up with a bit of a piecemeal brand, you know, all the assets and things like that, even though I like the one thing that I've made sure has, you know, tried to stay true to where I'm at an up to date as fast as it's been evolving my leads my messaging so that that part is okay. And that still resonates. You know, I've still been landing the clients. In fact, like, I still pinch myself some days where I'm just like, how are these people like finding me and then just like wanting to work with me like that, that part kind of, I'm not used to it. It's just weird some days, especially when you're cringing about your brand, but then people like oh my gosh, I just knew the second I landed on your website, I started reading it. And I was like, yes, you're speaking to my soul. So if he's a teachable moment, you can have the piecemeal brand you can have, you know, your visuals can actually be a mess, your photos can be way out of date. But if your messaging is on point, there's a really good chance you're still going to do okay, or do really well. So, you know, my role is always just prioritize messaging. Make sure that's taken care of and worry about the visuals afterwards. If you have to choose obviously my new you'll be hearing how I'm tackling everything at once with this new rebrand. But anyways, I'm going on tangents. Okay, so we've talked about the piecemeal thing. The other thing that I realized recently, and this was the this was the kind of cringe worthy part is that so I was talking to I decided to hire a stylist. So I'm going to go more into this in another episode where I really sort of talk about my strategy behind the rebrand but the bit that I'll tell you now is that I actually decided to start my rebrand process by hiring a stylist a personal stylist as in for my own wardrobe. Because I realized how much I was hating my clothes lately not I mean, hates a strong word. I spelling blah, really blah in my clothes very like flat vanilla. Just like where's my personality gone? How am I not expressing myself through my clothes anymore? Like I'm a pretty expressive person, but my clothes have become the complete opposite of that. So I decided that the stylist would actually come first. And really the penny drop moment was when I went hold on my clothes. I'm wearing all these pastel colors, like the blues and the pinks and stuff all because my brand colors are these. But really, I'm not a pastel color person like they suit me it can be helpful on camera to wear something that's not too bright because I'm so pale like Vampire pale that it can you know a camera can freak out but really, if I was to go into a you know into a shop and they had every color in the rainbow like you can bet I'm going to go for like the jewel tones something really bright and bold. But I was not dressing that way or because my brand colors I was trying to look on brand. And that's when I went Hold on. Like why do these why these colors like why are you using these colors? Like I just picked them like I just picked them because I thought that would be appealing to people. I don't even know because again, the process happens so fast from you know, Gameface into The Personal Branding Project. So that was the moment that I realized that this next this rebrand had to happen differently. And it was going to start with me deciding how I want to show up how I want to look how I want to dress and make that just real to me not giving a crap about not true. I do care what other people, people's impressions are of Me, I'm going to take that into consideration. But ultimately, I know if I'm showing up confidently feeling myself feeling awesome, then that is, that's huge. Like, that's magnetism right there. So that's why I hired the stylist, pick the clothes. And then I'm using that to sort of evolve and like sort of like, feed into the rest of the rebrand process. That's all I'll say right now, about the process because I want to do a whole episode on that. Okay, so essentially, what came to my mind I was like, okay, so I somehow I didn't mean to, because it was also rushed, I kind of created my brand from the outside in where I just tried to like, I was like, okay, this'll look nice, this looks nice. Let's just design the feed and blah, blah, blah, and I did not really take myself into consideration. So that is why this time around, I'm starting with me and then working outward. Also, keeping in mind, I know my audience really well, at this point, I, you know, I have worked with so many people I would consider to be dream clients that I know that I can, like, I know that what the way I want to show up is going to appeal to them as well. So that is, you know, I'm not completely ignoring that. Okay, so that was number two. So we've got piecemeal outside in a now going inside out. And then the third reason is I honestly, like I did not know where I was taking the business when I started it truly, you know, from the Gameface to this, my first course was still on video, creating video, it was called Video Made Easy. And like I kind of still was going down the camera confidence route and helping people create video content. But like I honestly, I did not know where this was going. I just knew to trust my instincts with it. And again, like teachable moments, sometimes you just have to start with something you cannot know all the things until you put it out there and you have people you know, you have people go through your offers or your courses. And then you go oh, okay, like I love this. I don't like this. And you get the feedback from them. So I after two and a half years of trying like testing out, like all the offers, I've done one on one coaching, I've done VIP days, I've got done done for you services, courses, group programs, mini courses, like I've done a lot. And I've really developed my framework. And I know the kinds of people I really want to work with. So I actually have direction, now I have a vision for where I'm taking this brand, even though I know it will still evolve, it could still easily pivot but I have a much better idea. So this is like me regrouping. And that is like another huge reason for the rebrand. And like that regrouping and that clarity is like, it's so layered because this is not just about my business, like this is about my life's purpose. Okay, like in last year, was just all about me peeling back the layers and just like starting to see how much of my business was just what kind of image like I guess I'd done, I'd created or I'd like follow these other people's instructions based on what you're supposed to do. And just peeling back all of them to actually get to the core of like, what do I actually want to do? How do I want to feel in my business? What do I want to achieve? Who do I want to work with, and realizing just how much was out of alignment, and slowly having to fix those things, which is a slow process, it does not happen overnight. And as someone who is the classic like, I've always just been go go go full speed, I've never given myself time to really stop and just process everything let dust settle before moving on like this last year. 2021 was the year of letting the dust settle. And it was very, like I think I've said it plenty of times, it was painful. Because I just want to move forward. I just want to have it all figured out. I want all the results to come because it really felt like I took a step backwards last year with results. Like I'd hit this like amazing peak at the beginning of the year. And then just was like what has happened, I'm spiraling. But it wasn't me going backwards. It was just an absolute necessary slowdown. To figure out what in the world I was doing. I was about to say I slow down to speed up. But I think one of the big pieces that I'm understanding is that like I actually don't need to be speeding up at least I don't need to be moving fast and rushing in order for this incredible momentum to be building and for things to happen. Like there's Yeah, it's not just directly related to how hard we're working. But again, that's a that's a topic for another episode. See why I get overwhelmed like this so much I want to share but then these episodes are gonna be four hours and I don't want to be likewhat's his name? Tim? Tim Ferriss, I was about to say Tim Hariss Tim Ferriss, like in his you know, epic, like his marathon length episodes I just not sure you guys would hang in with me for that long but anyway, so though in a nutshell, that's the that's the why behind the rebrand and I'm sure I'll be able to sort of share more there's like probably offshoots So a lot of those stories that I'd love to share, but I'll just let them happen a bit more organically. But now I'll just quickly run you through the, what is actually changing just what I'm going to be doing with the rebrand. As I said, the process stuff will come later because I want to, you know, spend some time on that. But the pieces that I'm going to be working on, I mean, it's kind of everything, because I want to do it right this time i, there are no, there's no more putting a bandaid on this, this is my opportunity to it's not a clean, I don't like to say a clean slate, because I'm not burning it all to the ground. And starting again, what I'm doing is removing all this stuff that's no longer in alignment no longer fits. So that I'm just left with the essence of what it is that I'm all about. And then making sure it's in the right package that it just makes sense that like people, at first glance, know what I'm about. And they don't necessarily have to read pages and pages of stuff to to finally get it or you know, to have to listen to 10 episodes before they're like, oh, that's what she's about. Like, I want to improve my first impression ability. That that's my new term. Okay, so things that are changing, obviously, I already told you stylist, so my wardrobe is going to be changing. So she made me get rid of a lot of stuff. And it was totally justified. Very fair. Sometimes she would say stuff and just be like, No. And I was like, oh, okay, thanks. Thanks for that. But yeah, no hard feelings. She was right. So I'm very excited. I've ordered a whole bunch of stuff. And we have done the rough, the very rough plan for the photoshoot, which is piece two. So that's happening next month, is personal branding shoot on an incredible location I'm very excited about and this will be my first shoot in a good solid few years, because my last photo shoot was when I was in Vancouver. And it was actually before I launched Gameface. So yep. And hold on. I've been saying that it's two and a half years since I launched The Personal Branding Project. Now I'm wondering if it's, I don't know. Now I think it's two and a half just wow, a lot happened in that time. But yeah, so my photo shoot was actually at Gameface time and I have all these photos of me holding makeup and doing things with makeup that like I'm obviously not using now. So that was the last shoot like my headshot, you know, with black lace. The ones in the light blue blazer, they were all taken at the same time in Vancouver before this business even existed. So that is how out of date they are like I've never done a very like a proper intentional personal branding shoot for The Personal Branding Project. Yikes. But hey, now is the right time because I wouldn't have known even what my vision was for it if I did it before now. So that's part two. Part three is I have hired I've locked in a graphic designer who's going to do my first real visual brand guideline like whole brand identity because as I said I DIY to everything. So we're talking new logo, new colors, new fonts, and then a bunch of templates. So I'm going to get her to create so that I can stop fiddling around with my templates in Canva and spending ridiculous amounts of money on Creative Market templates that I don't end up using. Oh my goodness, I have so much purchase regret with templates, but it's all because I just needed one clean slate like just one guideline someone else to tell me hey, this is your brand now your visuals and stop changing fonts Stop fiddling with the colors like I'm I cannot be trusted with that kind of stuff. So I'm really excited about that we're doing an intensive style. So like it happens over like I think a period of about two days. So that's happening in April, to make sure I've got enough time to lock in my own pieces of the brand strategy before I meet with her like I have to do all my pre work and everything so So yeah, this is my first time like hiring an actual like a proper, an expert in this way to actually do something for me like other than photographers. In the past the only experts I hire coaches and mentors. So this is quite a milestone, which is really exciting. Feels good. A little bit scary, but mostly just exciting. Honestly, this part. Yeah, once I kind of wrap my head around, like the investment I was like, yeah, like let's just do this. I'm ready for this. Okay, so that was visuals. And then the stuff that I'm doing myself is obviously the messaging now. It's not like I'm overhauling all of my messaging. It's really about streamlining it, finessing it, honing it you know, just being really like just a lot clearer on certain things on on what offers are for what people and the other thing is my my quiz like my actual funnels, like bait having much. So I guess it's just as much about messaging as it is kind of client journey and making sure I have just the right entry points for the funnel and nurturing people down the right paths and all of that. So there's a lot of work there. But yeah, like that's the part where I'm like, oh, I don't even want to think about how many emails I'm gonna have to write but it's fine. We're going to deal with it. It's gonna be fun. I'm gonna make sure it's fun. My offers, it's really more just about them sort of just, again, some some tweaking some, some little, I'm not going to reveal everything. A lot of what I'm already doing will still be the same. It's more just like repackaging some of it shuffling things around, but I do I do have a new offer that I'm, oh my goodness. Okay, I'm going to say it. I'm just gonna say it. So I had this, it feels like a download. Okay, so for anyone who inclined, it felt kind of divinely just like, dumped in my brain. I was just and it was like, when I had the idea. It was like, I got full body tingles, because I just knew, I was like, This is it. And it's also absolutely scaring the hell out of me. Because it's outside of my comfort zone. Like it's not, it's not like any of the other programs that I have any of the other courses I've created. Like, it's different. The delivery is going to be different, the content is going to be different, like it's but it's like I know, I know it's the thing I know this is the thing. So all I don't know all I might share a little bit more before the end of the episode. But I'm just gonna let Yeah, I'm getting this already just getting out of control. So I'll just reel it back in so office. Yeah, offers funnels messaging visuals, yep. Oh, and then the website. So what I'm doing with the website, after a ton of research, I ended up deciding I am still going to DIY the website only because I found a template that is just spot on, it's the aesthetic that I want, it's not going to involve a whole bunch of work. What I'm going to do differently this time though, is the thing that my brain does not like which is slowing down for long enough to create wireframes like page by page plans for the entire site so that I know exactly like I'm I'm going in there with laser focus I'm not fiddling around and making decisions about things while I'm in the design. I'm going to have those the page structures locked in place I know exactly how many panels I need I'm going to have the copy pre written and it's just going to be drag and drop and put it into the thing so that that was the deal that I made myself because I just knew that if I do it that way it's going to take a very similar amount of work like the actual work on the website itself is not going to be that big a deal. So outsourcing that for such a huge investment when I'm still going to be so hands on with this just didn't make sense to me. But look in future I will probably like if I ever need updates made if I want customizations made all up you know, I'll outsource that. But it was just like I knew that this is my baby. Because I am being like the brand strategist messaging strategist, funnel strategist. Like it just made sense for me to do this myself, because it's just easier for me to connect the dots. So yeah, so that's that I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna give away anything else about the what. But that's what's changing. For now let's just talk a little bit about why I'm scared. I guess part one of the scariness which I think I'm, honestly I've processed it long enough now that it's, it's not a big deal, but at the time it was. So it was, like I said, a really big turning point for me to realize that this year needed to be the year that my investment started moving towards more about support outsourcing things, whether it was to experts, or, you know, growing my team, more than signing up, for course, after course, after course not to say I'm going to stop signing up for programs, I can't help myself, I will never stop loving learning. So that's going to be part of it. But it the proportion is gonna have to change. Because I can't keep up with the investments that I was making in personal development and professional development programs that was just like it was a little out of proportion. Like let's just say my, my accountant may have had a quiet word and was like, Look, I'm fine with it right now. Because I can I can I know it's necessary for point in your journey. But I just feel like you could be making a lot more money if you didn't spend as much on on programs. And I was like, yeah, fair call, fair call. So I kind of have that external accountability now, but the something I'm yeah, that I'm very excited about is investing in other experts. It just it feels so darn good. And it's really fun to be the client for once. Oh, my goodness, I can't even explain. I'm just like, oh my gosh, I'm being on boarded. And there's all these things to fill out. Like all this stuff that I'm normally doing that other people so that's, that's cool. But let's be real, it's it's a significant amount of money. Because I am doing this like I'm gone big, like, you know, hiring a stylist, like doing a package with them. Investing a fair bit in kind of a new mini Ward like it's kind of like a new capsule wardrobe. I would say the photoshoot like between the photographer and the location and everything like that's, that's a chunk, the designer and then the website and all the bits that go with the website. I mean, that's the actually the only thing that I'm paying for in US dollars but it adds up So I won't say how much right now because I'd rather do that in sort of my rundown of like, I'm very happy to share all the numbers transparently of what I spent, because I think that I love it when people do that. It's very helpful. So I won't say that right now. But I will say that it's yeah, it's easily it's definitely in like a five figure type investment, which I'm sure wouldn't surprise you, because there are so many pieces to this. So that was scary at first, and then I just got over it. So which is just such a classic, like, it's that whole, just, as soon as you do it once, suddenly, your comfort zone expands. So that was a nice thing. Done. I'm like, Cool. I've gotten over this fear. Let's move on some of the other fears that came up. I mean, part of it is just like, it's uncharted territory. And I had a freakout moment where the because the, the stylist had asked me to do a mood board before we met to do our first planning session of what the wardrobe was going to be for the photoshoot. And I procrastinated, like until last minute, because I was like, oh my goodness, like, I don't know where to start. I actually don't know where to start. Like, even though I knew I needed to rebrand. I was like, What is this gonna look like? Who am I? Like, what colors work location, what goes in a mood board, like, suddenly I was the worst client ever. Like me helping someone else is like, I can just be like, yep, just do this, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, remove all the overwhelm. When you're the person doing it, it's just a different story, which is why a lot of my clients are coaches, and marketing professionals and branding professionals. Because we all we need someone who's outside the bottle, you know how they say like, you can't read the label from inside the bottle. So that's kind of what happened. And that was part of the like, overwhelm. But there's also this, like, for once, you know, normally, like my whole brand has been about just like adding bits and tweaking things that's already there. But for once I get a completely blank canvas, which is such a double edged sword, because you know, the possibilities are endless, which also means the possibilities are endless. So, yeah, there was just this feeling of, do I actually know what I'm doing? What if I don't get this right? Like, is this even going to come together? Like I don't, I can't even visualize what the brand is going to look like. It's just it's very strange. And so, yeah, really stepping into the dark here. And just having to trust the process and be grateful that I do have people helping me through this has been huge. Ultimately, it's obviously it's, it's exciting. But yeah, the the fear is real. And now I'm going to get to the, I'm going to get to the biggest one. And this is probably actually going to beautifully accidentally segue into me explaining more about why this new program is coming out too. So one of the biggest fears that's coming up, I'm going to try not to get emotional. I was not thinking that there was gonna be emotional episode, but we'll see. Okay, so I've been doing this for a while now. And as you probably have noticed, like I have a decent following. You know, it's not I'm not like someone who's got millions of followers, but there's still a lot of eyes on me. And there is this feeling that's like, oh my goodness, you're about to come out and do things differently, you're gonna look different, you might sound different, like they're gonna, there's gonna be things that I'm talking about that maybe is different to what I've done in the past. And there's this fear of letting people down. There's this fear of like, what if people think you think I'm betraying them, like, they've invested all this time in, like, consuming my content, and I'm about to make a pivot, and they're gonna go, oh, like, this isn't what I signed up for. So that is as a as a I would get, I was gonna say, as a former people pleaser, but what this is showing me is I'm still a people pleaser. It's yeah, it's been a lot. So one of the big things that's going to be changing, I'm just going to get it I'm ripping off the band aid right now, this is like serving as a teachable moment as well as like a me just getting over it. So I have during that sort of period last year, where I was really kind of going through that internal stuff. And a lot of the work that I've been doing with clients lately, I have been realizing that the work that I do, yes, there is a lot of strategy in it. And I'm all about I love systems, software, you know, technology, tactics, you know, the platform specifics, you know, like I'm trained in SEO, and I'm great at automations and setting up like systems and things. And I think I've leaned into a lot of that in the past with, you know, with my office and with what I talk about, because I knew it's what people wanted. Everyone wants to hear about, like, what's the quickest way that I can grow an audience and what's the tactic for this and you know, what website platform, you know, should I choose? And the thing that I've learned from my own journey But also, because I've had the honor and privilege of working with so many clients at this point in a very like, in a deep way, you know, in a one on one sort of relationship. I've seen just how meaningless strategy and tactics and even technology and systems and all those things are, if you are ignoring the inner work, if you are forgetting the fact that you are a personal brand, you are human being who is out there, showing their face, you know, speaking words out into the, you know, the ether, but really, it's other people listening to you. And it, everything about your brand is really meant to just be this extension of you. So, when you've got stuff that's out of alignment, that's not working, when you are scared to be seen, when you are too timid to say what's really on your mind when you are constantly worrying about what other people are doing. And you've got those thoughts of like, why would anyone choose me when there, there are so many other options out there, and so many people who are just more qualified than me, like, if you have that stuff going on, then the strategy won't do shit. And see even the fact that I'm saying a swear word on the podcast, which I don't think I've ever done before. This is a this is a step in that direction. So essentially, what I'm realizing as I need to start talking more publicly, about what I talk about with my clients behind the scenes, because we talk just as much if not more about the inner work and what's going on in your head. And in your body. Like sort of the mindset, the energy, the self belief, like that is such a huge part of what we're talking about. Because every single time you put yourself out there every single time you make a change, it's going to bring up stuff in you, because we've got all these stories, we've got all these like meanings attached to everything that we're doing. And so from anything as simple as I mean, I'm trying to think of a couple of examples like so I've got a client who is making a pivot, like they've always like their own version of people pleasing and trying to stay safe was offering like done for you services in this specific area. And they realize they don't even they don't love it. They don't even like it, and they're burning themselves out, and they're not making enough money. And they lost all the joy in their business. And so, you know, while the obvious thing would be to change your offerings, like, that's also terrifying. And so the work that we're doing on the logistics, like obviously, we're figuring out okay, so what are the new offerings? Who are the new people that are going to be serving, like, what's the messaging, we're doing all of that, but at the same time dealing with the fear that's coming up through making those changes, and someone else who you know, has a podcast and knows that the name needs to change and that their content needs to change because they are feeling really constricted by the brand they created for themselves. And what comes up when you like, but what about the people who are already listening? If I change things, what's going to happen, I'm letting them down. And so I'm now going through exactly the same thing with this upcoming rebrand, because I'm realizing that it's, this goes so much deeper than the brand. This is not actually about, as much as the colors and the fonts. Everything's been bugging me lately, what it's really about is me. Finally, being honest with myself and with my with you, my audience, about what I really believe it takes to be successful, to build the kind of brand that doesn't just look good. That doesn't just like feel good for your ego, but the kind of brand that makes a difference that you know, it is magnetic people, people are drawn to you, they just know that there's something about you that they have to be in your vicinity. When people read your copy, they're like, Oh, my goodness, I got goosebumps, I feel I felt so seen a brand that you know, allows you to charge the kind of rates that are going to give you financial freedom, a brand that means that you know, you actually wake up and their inquiries, and you're like, Oh, I didn't even do anything I was asleep and people are inquiring, like this kind of stuff. It doesn't happen unless you are doing the inner work while you're doing the outer work. So my rebrand is kind of my coming out where I am going to be showing the real me in a much bigger way in a way that you won't have seen before because I've been too scared. I've been given you my safe version of showing up. So yes, you can show up. And you know, share honestly and share lots and still not be showing all of you and it's also going to be this statement that I'm making where I mean Well, it's more more about for myself, where I'm going to let my have to let myself be okay with the fact that as I lean more into my message, my truth my purpose, there are going to be people who are no longer interested because I was trying to hang on to them by staying broad by staying safe, like I was like, Okay, if I can just keep talking about all these different things then like I can keep everyone hanging on. But the fact is I, I feel constricted by the brand that I have created for myself, because, you know, part of it was rooted in people pleasing. So I guess Yeah, where I'm going with this is I know that this is a journey that we all go through in some way, maybe it's not so much about a dramatic pivot that you're doing. But I think so many of us, you know, as a personal brands, like, obviously, it's a whole different thing, because we're so exposed. There's this like, conflict that goes on where you are, you feel called to do something so big, so meaningful. And at the same time, you're constantly feeling like a high need to filter myself I need to just like dim it down a little bit. Because what are people going to think? What happens when I go all in? So this this rebrand is like my opportunity to just like, kind of rip off the band aid and just get myself back out there in the way that I have wanted to for so long and just haven't haven't quite had the guts also hadn't had the clarity yet on what that was all about. And then in the process, I'm realizing I like I'm feeling very cold to create this offering, which I talked about that is going to be about helping people do the exact same thing. And so and that's where the imposter syndrome kicks into, I'm like, Who are you to even be talking about this stuff when you're going through it. But the like, really, what I've found is that this journey, like you're going to have cycles, like this is not the first time that I've peeled away layers. And then I've sort of like shown up as a, like a bigger version of myself, or like, you know, I've had more clarity in my message like, this is definitely not my first rodeo. But none of us are going to be like, this is a first I'm sorry, this is a never ending kind of cycle for all of us, like every time you're gonna find your next level. And then you're going to realize ooh there's more like I can see, I can just see over the horizon, there's actually something else there. And then you just keep going and you keep going. So anyways, I don't know where I'm going with this. I guess what I'm saying is expect some changes, and you have my blessing, I promise that I won't be offended. If it comes to a time where you go, yeah, this is not resonating anymore. I just want the tactics, I just want the strategy. And I'll be like cool, like there are people that that is all they talk about, I am absolutely going to still be talking strategy because I love strategy. It's just that I also know with every cell in my body, that strategy is not enough, that it's really about you, figuring out who you are actually accepting all of that, seeing that you are brilliant, and you have something really incredible to offer and worthy of receiving, like worthy of receiving amazing clients and being paid big money and landing amazing opportunities and actually believing it's it's real. And it's not just like this fluke. So we're going to talk about both moving forward, you're going to if you want, you can be following the whole kind of story of my rebrand. If you're intrigued about the new offer that I am building at the moment, it's called Unbridled. And it is going to be a live group program, I felt really called to do something live and make it really about having to show up, having to be seen having to be heard, and not hiding behind endless videos and getting buried in workbooks or any of that and but really just doing the work that it's going to take for you to find your next level of sharing of being seen. Because I mean, it's me I was like, I feel like I'm giving people about 20% right now of what is actually possible. And since I've had that thought, like seed planted, I've had so many conversations with others who have been saying the same thing. It's like, Oh, I've had this big up level like I've got, I've redone my brand, it looks so beautiful. And all these great things are happening. But it's like, I know I'm holding myself back still. Something's going on there. I just don't know why I'm still feeling weird about being seen. And that is why this program needs to come to life. So that is what I'm going to be doing. I will I mean obviously this is just the beginning. I'm I'll keep sharing about it. But if you are already very intrigued and want to stay right in the loop about it, I'm just doing a waitlist at the moment. So if you go to You will find the waitlist you can sign up obviously it's not like a commitment. It's just it's basically you're just saying hey, I would like to be kept in a loop about this because I'm intrigued. And I'm just trusting that the right people like you'll you'll know you'll know if this is your thing. Okay, I'm going to stop now, because this did get longer than planned, but he was very overdue as well and I'm really hoping it was helpful in some way. Even if it was just to encourage you and let you know that even even someone who is a professional or professional at branding, and who has shown up on camera for I mean, countless years at this not countless years, countless hours spent on camera, and all the content created, all the clients landed there, it's, it's always scary. This This journey is scary because this whole personal branding thing, it forces you to get so real with yourself to get to know yourself in a bigger way ever. It's gonna bring up all your fears, all those stories, and there's just no hiding from it. Yeah, basically like the the people that there are some people that will just realize I just don't want to do it. I don't want to face that stuff. And so they don't go all in. And then there's the the brave souls who go yep, I'm, I'm scared. And I feel like I'm a mess. And I feel like I'm not ready. But I'm going to do it anyway. And that's when all the magic happens. So I guess that's what I'm taking a stand for is like the people who are ready to just start showing up, even if it's messy, even if it's scary, and we're just going to do it together. And there's no needing to pretend that it's easy, or that you know, you're not freaked out. And also, there is no need to do it perfectly. So that's, I guess that's the tone that I'm trying to set for what's happening moving forward. So this is kind of your like, invitation to kind of either recommit to the journey and and go on this with me or you know, if it's just now now's the time to, to say goodbye, or maybe see you later. That's That's cool, too. But I guess I just wanted to be, I wanted to be straight with you. So thank you so much. If you are listening, and for those of you are interested to keep following along, I am really excited about what's to come in following months, I think it's gonna be pretty epic. But I'm wishing you all the best. I hope your 2022 is off to a great start so far. And also, if you're still listening, that means you must really love me. Would you mind if you haven't already leaving a review on Apple podcasts. It really helps get the word out about this podcast and get it in the ears of other people who need it. And I would be incredibly grateful if you would and it really doesn't take too long. But yes, thanks in advance for anyone who feels called to do that. Otherwise, I will see you or No, I won't see you. I'll speak to you next week. Bye for now