Becoming Magnetic with Kat Elizabeth

The 5 phases of building a magnetic personal brand

March 31, 2022 Kat Elizabeth Season 2 Episode 14
Becoming Magnetic with Kat Elizabeth
The 5 phases of building a magnetic personal brand
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While everyone's timeline and growth trajectory looks different, the fact is that to reach the "pinnacle" of your brand-building journey (phase 5!) there are steps we just can't skip.

And even though challenges, obstacles and the occasional "what am I doing with my life?!" are inevitable... I'm here to provide more than just some encouragement to keep going.

So in this episode I'm going to break down:
→ the 5 phases of any magnetic brand journey + how to know which one you're at
→ what it takes to "unlock" each next level (as quickly as possible)
→ some of the things that can keep you stuck for longer than necessary
→ what's really happening when it feels like you've "gone backwards" after previous success

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I feel like so many people talk about, I guess the journey, the journey of entrepreneurship and building a business and, and even building a brand. But it's kind of, it's not very helpful,necessarily. I mean, okay, we all appreciate it when we hear from other people that, you know, it's not easy things take time, blah, blah, blah. But that's not super practical,like, what can you do with that other than comfort yourself? You know, so what I wanted to do today was really break down the journey in a way you might not have heard it talked about before, putting it into more of a framework for you, this point of reference that is going to allow you to understand really,where you are at in this brand building journey, what to be spotting, like, what to be really anticipating and looking for at these different phases or stages, whatever you want to call them, as so that you can be more intentional about what you're working on what you're focusing on to really speed up the process. Like, while you can't cut corners, and I'm not saying that I'm going to be able to wave some magic wand, and by the end of this episode, we'll be like, Oh, everything makes sense. And you wake up tomorrow,and everything's better. What I can tell you is that there are ways of getting out of these phases quicker, if you know what is required to get to the next phase. So today, I'm going to be breaking down, it's, I mean,it's four phases, but there's also a phase zero. So I guess it's technically five phases of building a brand, really. And when I say building a brand, I'm talking about building a magnetic brand, the kind of brand that really, you know,changes your life and hopefully changes the world as well. And just explaining to you what each of those phases really look like, understanding how they interact. Also kind of talking a little bit about how it's not super, it's not always linear.There's sort of exceptions to the rules. And what happens when it feels like you've gone backwards, spoiler alert, you haven't actually gone backwards,but I'll explain what that really is all about. And hopefully, this is just going to give you something to sink your teeth into and give you some hope and some focus and maybe some inspiration for what to be focusing on over this next little bit. If that sounds like something that would be helpful,then well, you can just keep on listening. Welcome to the Seen,heard, paid podcast, where we believe that success isn't just about what you need to do. It's about who you need to be. I'm your host, Kat Elizabeth. And each week, I'll be bringing you practical advice, honest stories and occasional dose of tough love to help you go from industry's best kept secret to in demand brand. So you're not only get paid to do what you love, but can build a platform that creates meaningful,positive change, and inspires the people around you to do the same. Let's get into it. Well,hello, my friends, welcome back.I took a little mini break,probably not really that long and big scheme of things considering my inconsistency on the podcast is last year. But I have just survived a relocation a move. Unfortunately, I had to leave my last place because apparently the owner wanted his place back rude inconvenient.But it's all good managed to sort of get through the move,like ripping off a band aid just got it over and done with really fast. And I have to say I'm enjoying my new office. I like the view. I mean, I'm actually staring out a window, which is great because my last visit was not looking at a window. And I've even got some carpet in this one because I had tiles and the other one which sounds nice.No, it's like why are you sharing this? Well for the podcast on the other place had it was like the sound was a lot booma whereas in this office,it's what hopefully you can tell it's like the carpet is absorbing the the echo which is nice. So anyways, hi. Hi for my new location. And so today's episode was prompted Well,there's a couple of things that have prompted it. I have been developing the fourth module have seen heard paid Academy for a while now. As in I've been going back and restructuring it multiple times over all because what I've realized like the first or the fourth module is about marketing. It's called magnetic marketing. And my temptation when I create anything is to share everything I know on a topic, but I do know a lot about marketing. And something else I know is that knowledge about marketing and just being given heaps and heaps of information, especially at,you know, depending on what point at the journey that you're in, it's not necessarily helpful. In fact, it can be very damaging, it can hold you back.Because the journey to becoming what I call like a masterful marketer, or a magnetic marketer, it does not happen overnight. And you sort of need to drip feed the information and be really focusing, you know,taking certain actions at different stages of that journey, to make sure that you start to, like build that confidence, build that momentum,find your style, blah, blah,blah. So if I was to just shove everything I know about marketing into this module,keeping in mind that the Academy is a program that's really designed for someone in that,you know, first couple of years of entrepreneurship, or I guess that first like year or two of intentional brand building, like trying to really start marketing yourself properly. So, you know,knowing my audience for that particular program, information overload was just not going to be helpful whatsoever. So that is why I've had to keep revisiting this module, as I'm developing it and simplifying it and simplifying it really trying to bring myself back to when I was beginning my journey as a marketer, what I needed to know and what bogged me down at that point, because I am, you know, I like to read every book, I take all the courses, I mean, in my first year, as a copywriter, I think I took about 30 LinkedIn learning courses, or was like, at the time, shoving knowledge in my brain thinking that would speed up the process of becoming good at what I do.And then it turned out the number one thing I needed to do was actually, like, put it into action. But the longer I was studying, the less action I was taking, and I got, you know,kind of stuck. And ironically,you know, spent the first couple of years I mean, I landed lots of clients, it's not like I was,I'd go back and do it differently. But I didn't market myself in those first couple of years, I think because I built up this idea of marketing to be such a huge overwhelming thing in my head, that I couldn't even bring myself to get started. So I had to stop myself from going and doing that to other people.Which is why I've been taking so long to develop this module, not to mention, you know, health challenges this year, and moving house and all sorts of fun things. But now that I'm nearly done with this module, it really is kind of helped solidify, in my mind, this new sort of framework that I've been developing around these different phases of the brand building journey, because it you know, that kind of journey of becoming that masterful marketer is very similar to all of the other pieces of building a brand. And also, the fact is,building a brand is so much about knowing how to market yourself and how to show up, you know, as the real you confidently that, you know, they obviously it's like one of the same. So with all of the work that I've been doing on that framework, which is going to very much be coming out like with my upcoming rebrand. It is just time it is time to stop thinking about this thing and navel gazing and tweaking my notes and just do an episode on it because I think it's going to be helpful. So like I said,there are five, officially five phases, although one of them is technically phase zero. The other thing that I want to explain will go into more detail once I've broken down these five. But this is not a completely linear journey. Okay,in that you just hit one phase,and then you move to the next phase and you move to the next phase. And you never have to revisit any of the other stuff ever again. It's that classic thing of like, you reach your first level of something. And then you realize, oh, I need to raise the bar for myself. I've got new goals, I've got a new vision like, Okay, what's next.And what you'll kind of understand once I've broken down this framework is you kind of need to revisit these phases,and make sure that you raised like the baseline for each of them to unlock the next level,because each of them play a role in you being ready for what comes next. So I'm just kind of planting that seed. We'll circle back around soon. But for now,let's talk about phase zero. So phase zero is called pre magnetism. And I think this one's pretty straightforward.Basically, this is where you are just, you're not there yet. You are not really experiencing any sort of real joy, like so you're not feeling good about the journey, but you're also not getting the results obviously.So, you know, in the pre magnetism phase, this is where you are probably feeling like you were completely bogged down.In imposter syndrome,perfectionism, fear of launching the thing, questioning everything that you're doing,you know, writing a post five times only to delete it, decide not to post it, you know,fiddling around in Canva, for hours and hours, because that post just needs to look perfect.You know, there's all the things, there's all the ideas,you know, you might, you know,do what I did, you know, during that phase, and just be like,addicted to taking course, after course, after course, thinking I need to reach a certain level of qualifications and credibility,before I do anything, this phase is not very fun, as you can probably tell, like, you're not enjoying the process. And you're conflicted, because you know,you know, you could be doing something really big and really meaningful and deep, deep, deep down, you do believe that you're capable. But when it comes time to actually put your money where your mouth is, it's, it's terrifying, and I get it. And this phase, sometimes it can feel like we regress to this phase, you know, even years down the track, like you've achieved all the success, and then you you're wanting to level up. And fear kicks in again, like,basically, I think, part of what this is, is, you know,obviously, we're always operating within our comfort zones. And then when it comes time to stretch outside of that,it gets things get scary, like our ego kicks in, and tells us all the reasons why we shouldn't be doing this thing, because it's worried like it's trying to keep us safe. And so I think what can happen is like, you may feel like you're in this pre magnetism phase right now, if you have been doing this a while, you've actually done heaps of amazing things. But you're feeling just really like stressed out and scared and questioning everything again,because you're probably trying to reach your next up level. And so that is okay. So it's not that you've actually gone backwards, like I said, but there is some work to be done,to make sure that you can really expand your own capacity, your own self worth to be ready for this next uplevel. But then we'll also be talking about there are going to be maybe going to be things that you need to do with your actual brand and your business to make sure it is ready for this uplevel as well.So that is phase zero pre magnetism. Now to get to the next phase, which is inner magnetism, it actually doesn't,it doesn't take as much work as you think. Okay, so it is really inner magnetism is about finding that joy, it's about connecting to your self belief, your self worth being, you know, deeply connected to your vision and belief that you are meant to be doing this. And then beyond that, it's this level of self trust that you have in yourself that you know what, I can just take action, and its, it's going to be okay, not even just take action, I can take action without having all the answers without having all the clarity and it's going to be, it's not only going to be okay, it's going to be great, I'm going to enjoy this process, I'm going to learn from this process. And I'm going to uplevel in this process. Now, this phase of inner magnetism is so important to reach because when you are in this phase, action happens, you get unstuck. And trust me, trust me, as someone who has been knowing this long enough to know, because of my own experience, and countless clients at this point, action leads to answers, navel gazing,and sitting and journaling over and over again. Like I mean,there is a time and place for reflection, for you know,journaling things out, and making sure that you know, your,your inner compass is working,that you're actually moving in the direction that you really want to be moving in, and you're not just being you know,reactive, or making decisions out of fear or anything like that. But the fact is, when you start taking action, things are revealed to you. I don't know if you're, this is a really random example, but it's the thing that comes to mind. So when I was younger, I loved playing WarCraft Warcraft 2 a PC game.And yes, I have played like land parties and things I'm some of you are going to be like, What are you talking about, but like if you know, you know, okay, so I just wanted to let you know,I'm a total closet nerd. And I used to be a little bit of a computer geek. Anyways, this game Warcraft two, you start on this map. Okay, your little character like your first you know, you've got this little town that you start with. And the map itself most of it is black. Okay, and or you can see like, cuz you're kind of looking from above. Yeah, like you're looking down on the map on yourself. There's this tiny like, open, visible space where you are right now. And then the map only starts to get revealed when you're you start sending your little characters out to explore, you know, to chop wood to mined gold, to build more buildings and things like that.Now, yes, there's like, some creepy stuff that sometimes appears in the darkness, like,once it's been revealed you like can suddenly be attacked. But the thing is that the further you travel, the more the map is revealed until you can actually see the whole map. And then it's all there. You know what I mean?Like, it doesn't go away again,you just have to clear the fog of the darkness. And then you know, what you're working with,and you know where to go, you know, where to build, you can get strategic, etc. That is what inner magnetism is about. It's about you don't see the map right now. But you're going to have the courage to take those steps to start revealing what is going on. And then making more informed decisions about what you want to do next. It's not to say you're going to get it all right, okay. Like I had some regrets. When I used to play that game, like you just stumble across some enemies fortress,and suddenly you're under attack and game over. But the thing is,it was just a game. And this is just a brand. I know, it sounds silly, like not silly, but it sounds weird for me to say just a brand. But you know, it's not life or death. Marketing is not life or death. Our egos like to convince us that, you know,launching something new, putting something out there being seen being heard, is life or death.And look, there's a whole other,I guess, rabbit hole to go down around the fact that, you know,due to people's personal experiences, past traumas and things like yes, sometimes those that fear is coming from a very real place. But when we separate from that, and we really just talk about what marketing is marketing is just something neutral. Launching Your, you know, launching a business is something just neutral, but there's so much emotion wrapped up in it, that we can just, you know, we get really, really terrified. So it's normal to feel with all those things. But I guess bringing back around to the whole point of moving into Phase One is we just need to have enough, enough courage,enough confidence, enough belief to just do something, even if you have no idea where you're going. And you start to learn that you are safe. When you do that. It can it takes practice.But eventually, you start to put things out there and go, Oh,okay, I didn't die. Sweet. Like I posted that post today. And it didn't go well. But like, I'm alive. Cool. Okay. So that is phase one inner magnetism and like I said, so the work there,to get to this phase I look for some people, you may be listening to this right now. And you're like, I've always been there, like, I love this. And I'm so happy for you. Like,truly, I you know, I wish this for everyone. But I know from my own personal experience that holy moly, I had so much in a crap to work through that it's been a journey. And like, the good thing is, though, is that well, I'm committed to doing this work for life. And I'm constantly having to do more work on my self belief, my self worth my my capacity to, you know, to have to receive all of that, once you reach a baseline level of that, you know, that's all it takes to then take action, you don't have to be perfect, you don't have to have healed all the stuff and be like, the most confident person in the world know, inner magnetism is just getting to that point where you can take action, and just trust that you're gonna find the answers and also be open. Like if you don't find the answers, knowing where to look for the answers,but at least trying first,rather than defaulting to on I'd better sign up for an entire,like another course or, you know, I'm going to wait another two years until I don't know what like, we always come up with all these different milestones that we should be reaching before we take the action. And you'll find that action leads to more inner magnetism like it does actually start to snowball, which leads me though, to the next phase,which is outer magnetism. This is an important one because as you start to experience that snowball effect, like that is great. But the thing with a snowball is, you know, is like rolling down a hill. It's like,are you actually in control of where it's going? Do you know where it's going to land, we reach this point of we're taking action and it's like, Great,okay, we are unstoppable. But now it's about finding more direction and focus and ensuring that that action is leading to results and it's not you just kind of pouring energy out there into the world. Kind of throwing spaghetti at the wall. Let's be honest sometimes. And then, you know, not seeing those results,which then can kind of lead to you going backwards because, you know, obviously you're only human. I'm only human. If you keep showing up with your best attitude day after day after day, and then day after day after day. You don't see any results for that work that you're putting At some point,you're likely to start to feel a bit disappointed. downhearted,frustrated, crushed, maybe wanting to quit, okay? Because again, you're human, it's okay,that's normal. That is where our magnetism comes in. Okay? So out of magnetism is about making sure that all of that inner goodness, all of your brilliance, and that amazing energy and that creativity,those ideas, and then turn into something that is going to help you achieve the results that you want. It's about connecting you with the outcome, which for most people, if you're listening to this is probably to land clients, it might be to land,you know, speaking opportunities, like there's, you know, I'm sure you have all sorts of different reasons, but usually it involves other people being drawn to you, which is why we're saying outer magnetism,because we need to make sure this magnet is attracting the right things. So during this phase, or to unlock this phase of outer magnetism, is when we start to get more strategic.This is when we're getting really clear on our case of what are your goals, you know, what are you trying to achieve? And,you know, how are we going to get there? And so, you know,when we're talking through it,from a branding standpoint, this comes back to my own sort of framework where I'm always looking at, what are your offers? So what is the thing that you're actually selling or offering to your audience or to that decision maker? What is your messaging? So the messaging is the thing that actually, you know, actually communicates all the value of those offers positions you to show why you're different, why you are so valuable and unique, and the no brainer choice for those people.And then we get strategic about your marketing, specifically,how are people going to find you? So what platforms you're going to be on? You know, how do you want to be showing up? How do you communicate best? How can we make sure that your inner magnetism all that stuff you are naturally born with? What's the path of least resistance to get it out there, and make sure people are really seeing you,hearing you and hopefully,paying you so during this phase,this is the trickiest one, okay?Outter magnetism is what everyone wants to skip to. So it's, you know, you, you may be listening to this, because, you know, you're hoping that having that brand strategy in place is going to fix all of the other stuff. You're hoping that okay,well, if I just have a better website, I won't have like the imposter syndrome won't be as bad. And if I can just, you know, write better copy, then it's going to be easier for me to sell my services, if I just blah, blah, blah, you know, so we're often looking for our outter magnetism to compensate for a lack of inner magnetism.And so that's where this one gets tricky, because I find a lot of my especially students are like people who come into my actual courses like and, and programs, the group programs like seen, heard, paid Academy haven't necessarily done that work on the inner magnetism, get so caught up in the outer magnetism trying to get it right. And there is the danger zone. If you are so concerned with getting it right, it has to be perfect. And you're agonizing over every single detail and worried that I can't put it out there until it's perfect, that that gets you stuck, that shows me that you're actually still kind of in like pre magnetism mode. And you're starting to like really beat your head against a brick wall. The other thing that can go wrong during this phase, again, if you haven't really done that work in the, you know, in the previous phase in phase one, to be clear on your vision, your values,like really understanding who you are as a person, how do you want to show up in this world,like how do you want to feel in your business, then you can start building this outter magnetism, this this brand strategy and marketing strategy,based on what you think you're supposed to do based on what other people are doing, you know, you're, it's like, it's coming from this kind of misaligned place. Same with, you could even be creating offers,like you could be, you know,I've seen so many people feel like they're supposed to go and start becoming like a coach or create courses because, you know, well, they've been doing one on one for a while now. And that's, that's just the next step. But they don't necessarily want to do that or they, you know, they feel like they have to go into from you know, being a done for you service provider to a teacher or something. Now,a lot of people will eventually like they say that like sort of like the, the highest level of mastery is when you want to actually start teaching other people and you know how to giggle because I was interviewing a past client of mine recently. I'll bring her story out soon, but she swore to me when we were working together. She was like, I'm never gonna do the whole coaching thing, like I'm not interested in like education,like, I just want to do my thing. And then I interview her like, I don't know, it's probably been eight months or something since we were working together one on one. And sure enough, her journey has brought her to wanting to mentor other people in her field, like,obviously newer people in her field. And so we had a bit of a giggle, because that's just kind of where her journey took her.Now, that's great, though,because that happened organically, like she swore she didn't want to, and then in time realized she was just naturally drawn to it. But what often happens is what I call outside in strategy, where we are building all these things,whether it's our offers our messaging, our marketing, that are based on what we think we're supposed to do, what is the next natural thing, or what is this the way that it's done in this industry. And we completely bypass our natural strengths,desires, vision, etc. And we end up with what might on paper look like a solid brand, like the copy might seem good, your brand might look attractive, but it's not truly magnetic. The magnetism comes like it's fueled by the inner magnetism, which is why I always say, branding is an inside job. Okay, so the Inside Out approach is what is going to get you to create the most magnetic, outer, you know,external brand, how people perceive you, because it's based on what naturally makes you so awesome. Anyways, I've given you some of the the warning signs,but the good thing, what happens when you have done that work in the in a magnetism phase is you're outter magnetism gets to happen, it flows a lot easier.And you can kind of go with this natural journey, which is kind of connected to the the marketing piece as well, where you realize that you don't have like, your brand is going to evolve, you don't just get this brand in place once and then it's, that's it never changes.You might stick with a logo for you know, for a long time, maybe even forever, maybe your colors never change, maybe your title never changes, but so much else in your brand is going to evolve. So be okay. With I guess your your strategy, starting wherever it starts. You know, I often say I think I mentioned it in the last episode about, you know, your ideal client hypothesis, you're kind of going to do that a bit at the beginning with your brand of like, okay, well, I think these are the platforms I want to be on, I think, you know, I think this is my best form of communication, I think this is how I want to position myself.And then you put it out there.And when you've got inner magnetism, you get to like, be open minded and curious and go,Okay, interesting. Like, this isn't resonating the way I thought it would, or, Oh, I'm actually noticing that like,quite a few other people in my space are doing this make maybe,maybe this is an opportunity for me to do something else. So it will evolve. And it's going to deepen your messaging. And I'm going to have to do an entire episode on this. But your messaging gets deeper and deeper and deeper, the more you understand your ideal client,okay. And also, keeping in mind,your ideal client might change in time to the person that you're loving working with right now, you know, in 12 months time, you might realize it's not that person anymore. And that's,that's okay. So the, I guess the final like, warning piece, I guess, or the bit to understand when you're working on this outer magnetism is, you're allowed to reassess and adjust,make tweaks, you can come back to it, it doesn't mean you failed, like, you're always doing the best with what you've got. At the time. My rebrand?Like I keep saying that it was it's overdue, but it's actually not. Okay, it is happening exactly at the right time,because of how much growth and evolution I've had going on in the inside. I've, you know, last year was just a work of me,reaching my next level of inner magnetism. And now I'm doing the work to take my outer magnetism to the next level. And what you'll notice is different and because I will do a full breakdown of this in another episode is all of the the branding that I'd done in the past was a little bit more piecemeal, like I kind of threw it together in the moment, a lot of time was done pretty quickly.I mean, I agonized over and when I say quickly, I don't mean not many hours. I mean, I just like I would obsess over it and spend weeks and then suddenly have a brand new website that I'd created. But in the past, it was all DIY, like my version of outer magnetism was about DIY doing it myself, and it went great. And it got my business to a certain point that I'm really,really proud of that I felt that I think I've kind of, I've capped to myself, like I've almost I've reached my limit without a magnetism with this current brand. So now it's time for me to come back and revisit.So last year, phase one, again,inner magnetism, right now outter magnetism going, what is that next level? What is the new vision that I have my brand, and what needs to change about my brand strategy, you know, my visuals, my messaging my office that is going to allow me to get to that new version of division.And so it's not that I did it wrong the first time, it just,it was right for what I wanted to achieve and for the clarity that I had at that point in time. And now I'm readjusting,okay, so again, give yourself some grace, if you're like, oh,like my brands a mess, like it's not working, it's this and that like, but if it was previously,then you did exactly what you were supposed to do at the time.And now you're getting this you've got this very loud signal from your, you know, your inner knowing is telling you it's time for change, it's time for a level up. And that is really exciting. So my, my encouragement, my, my guess my hope for you is that you will really just take the time to do this intentionally. And make sure this next version of your brand really reflects the inside, as well as the future you like we, you know, I lately I've had this thing coming in my head where, you know, they say like, dress for the job that you want. I'm like brand for the business that you want. Okay, so let's create the brand that is going to, you know, bring that vision for your business to life. Okay, so speaking of bringing that vision to life,something that you should know about these first two phases,especially when you're going through them the first time,although I think never quite goes away. But no, like, when you are first going through this journey, of really like so you know, you probably in those first couple of years of of building your your business and establishing a brand. When you're going through phase, you know, phases one and two, it can be a slog, there is not really much built in momentum. Okay, so it's like every day sometimes feels like a battle, like pushing mud uphill. And that is completely normal. Because, like I said, there is no built in momentum, like it's you really are climbing up a mountain.Okay. What happens though, is there's this tipping point, and it's different, it happens at a different point for everyone.And this is where I'm also talking, when, at the beginning of the episode, I was saying that we can speed up certain parts of the process. So this tipping point, which is phase three, which is what I call magnetic momentum, it comes on when you have done the work laid all of the foundations that you need, both from the strategy standpoint, so from actually showing up taking consistent action, being out there for long enough that there is built in momentum with your audience growth, you know, with your visible visibility, like this especially happens, you know,from a technical standpoint,This especially happens if you've been working at SEO for long enough. So you know, if you've been blogging or YouTubing, or you know,sometimes maybe with your podcast, although it takes a bit more work. But, you know,basically, you're you're still attracting more visibility, but from the stuff that you did a while back, okay, so that that's part one of what you've already got in place that leads to that momentum. But then part two is around the behind the scenes stuff that we all forget about.And again, people tend not to connect this to building a brand, which is why I wanted to create this, this framework for you. So you see how it does connect behind the scenes, I'm talking about systems,automation, maybe team templates, all of the things that make your life easier that have you freed up as much as possible to be in your zone of genius, and to be doing the things that do grow your brand.So you know, rather like let's say that, right? You know,previous to this, you have been spending hours every time you need to create a new proposal,but like, is that really the thing that is growing your brand? Like yes, it's great to land a client, but does it require hours of working on a proposal? Or would you be better off having you know, doing that work upfront or having someone help you set it up, have the proposal and all of the workflows and everything that goes with it, so that you can get on more sales calls or be doing more Instagram lives each week? So this phase two really and go from that outter magnetism where it's like, yes,things are working people are resonating with your messaging.People are finding you people are, you know, you're getting inquiries, like you're getting some meaningful results. But they're not necessarily super predictable or consistent. To get to magnetic momentum. Phase three is about making sure that that consistency and predictability is in place. And that happens from all those seeds that you plan around the stuff that often people find really boring and tedious. And they know, when I say people, I mean, me too. I am currently overhauling all of the behind the scenes stuff in my business.So I have built out new air table hubs for everything like a new sales hub and developing a new content hub. I mean, that's actually for everyone in the academy, but I'm going to use it to, obviously, and I have brought on a new team member,and I'm training them up, and I'm recording SOP, standard operating procedures. So training videos, for them,developing templates for everything, you know, it's a lot of work, okay, like a lot. And so either a lot of work or a lot of money to have someone to help you do these things. But this is the key, I knew that my next level required me to increase my capacity to number one serve people. So to be able to take on more clients, because I kept finding that, like I was booking out but not reaching my financial goals, because I just was at capacity, but also increased my ability, my time,my freedom and my creative energy to be able to doing marketing for myself, so that I get found by more people as well. So some serious changes have to happen in order to unlock phase three, because most of us get stuck in phase two,because we're like, Well, I'm too busy to do any of this work,I can't move forward, like, I mean, I don't have enough money to bring on the help. But I also don't like, we start to have all this list of reasons why we're going to stay in phase two. But if you stay in phase two, you will probably eventually burn out. Because everything is still being done manually. And there's also that fear of like, if I don't show up for a few weeks,what what's going to happen, I'm going to like my business is going to fall apart, I'm going to stop getting leads, like if you feel like you have to be showing up physically, every single day in order to get results in your business, then we've got a problem, you can't take a break, which again, will lead to burnout. So that is why this next phase, this is the one that you know, this is where we start to sort for like the serious entrepreneurs from the people who will maybe eventually quit or just like lose the joy in their business. But doing this work, yes, it's going to be an investment of either your time and or money. But this is like freedom is on the other side of this, okay. And that is I'm having to remind myself of that regularly, when you know,there's all these other stuff that I want to be doing, like no just finish the damn automation,like write the template emails,blah, blah, blah, okay? So so once you are in that flow,though, you start to find a new level of joy, and creativity.And you're probably going to unlock all of this space in your brain that wasn't available before, and energy to do things that you weren't before, which then is likely to bring you like to open up your next level of opportunities, you know, whether that's revenue visibility, but if you're feeling capped, if you feel like you have kind of plateaued, then this is probably the phase that you might need to be working on right now. Which then moves us to phase four,which is magnetic mastery. So this is one that I think we're always like, this is what I kind of what I meant about, not everything being super linear. I believe that all of the work we're doing in these other phases is contributing to our level of mastery. And so what you might find is like you have you know, you you master a particular platform, and you're like yes, I've nailed that, or you might master the sales process, and you're like, Yeah,okay, I'm rocking it this. But this phase, in general is really just about things clicking into place, you having reached what feels like because the, you know, you're gonna move the target for yourself, but it feels like oh my gosh, like I'm at my full expression of myself in my brand. I have unlocked my voice like I truly have, I am owning my message. I'm owning the platforms that I'm on. I have mastered the delivery of my service or you know, my program and people are getting these incredible results like I've the results that you're getting could be you know, you waitlists, you know, booking out your your programs, being able to double or triple your prices,because you know, that you're that good and that you've got the the goods to back it up. So this level of mastery is just when it all starts to come together and you really experiencing the fruits of your labor. But I again, I don't want you to feel like it's this thing way off in the future that is so unobtainable for you. Because you can be mastering things like it's, it's the 1% work that I talk about all the time. You getting up every every single day and doing something is contributing to your mastery,you know, if the thing that you're struggling with is the confidence to really use your voice, then what is that one thing you can do every single day that is going to, you know,unlock it for you and help you find that confidence. If you feel like the big thing that's holding you back right now is your ability to you know, to write, copy, you know, I want to really encourage you that like you are capable of doing this,like you, you can actually improve these things. It just takes practice, I'm really sick of people acting like running a business is any different to trying to reach the peak of any other kind of career. Like,seriously think about the athletes that you see in the Olympics, okay, their training is grueling. They have to wake up every single day, no matter how they feel, probably in the dark and go to training. Okay,like, it's not about motivation.It's not like one particular win that they had defined the rest of their career, the ones that make it are the ones that just keep their eyes on the prize,they just keep doing the work.They know, like, they like it,they get the right coaches, and they know that it's going to be about looking after their bodies, it's about looking after their minds, it's about, you know, it's about rest. All of these things are what we need to be considering as entrepreneurs,we need to stop thinking we're like special snowflakes, where this this career is, is something that it's not we are you, you are going to succeed.If you approach this, like, you know, an athlete would approach trying to get to the Olympics,you will get there. And you're going to have quick wins along the way, where you know, you win a race, you know, you get a sponsorship, like there's going to be these cool things that happen. And I want you to celebrate those things. And then just keep in mind that, you know, if you're serious about this, it is a long game, it is not something that just happens overnight. And losing a race does not mean that you weren't going to like lose it business like Not at all. And I'm not I'm banging on about this metaphor.But you're going to have good training days and bad training days, like days where you're just not feeling it, you're so tired, you twist your ankle,whatever. And then you have days where you're just in flow, and all of it is okay. Where we get off track, though, is starting to sort of detach from that that early, that early phase, that inner magnetism, if we lose track of why we're doing this,if we are no longer connected to the joy that it brings us the fulfillment, we don't really feel like we have a purpose,we're just going through the motions. That is when the wheels fall off, that is when every like, all bets are off. Because everything else that you're doing, if you're just going through the motions, like who knows where it's going to end up taking you like, you need to be in the driver's seat, constantly reminding yourself of where you're going, I'm going to stop because I'm now mixing metaphors and it's just getting out of control. But I guess what I'm trying to say to you is hopefully if you've listened to this episode, really been paying attention, maybe taking notes,if you want to go back and re listen, you know, having a think about where which phase a really sort of resonated with you the most of feeling like I think I'm kind of stuck here, there's something needs to shift, so that I can unlock that next level, do that work, don't you don't have to do everything at once. Like that is not how we achieve mastery. We achieve mastery by narrowing our focus and going Okay, so right now my big thing is like I want to get more consistent at this thing,or my big thing is I need to improve how long it takes me to onboard a client or you know, so you can narrow down that focus and martyr that fairly quickly and add that to your toolkit and then move on you do not have to get everything right and once trust me I have tried it's just not good does not work. So kind of bringing it back to what I promised at the beginning because holy moly this this episode was so much longer than I planned but I I sound like a broken record because I feel like I always say that. So coming back to the beginning these phases Okay. When you were first like reaching your baseline, yes, they sort of are linear, like you really you have to start by unlocking inner magnetism because that is going to be your compass, moving forward. Everything every other decision you make at every stage of the journey, but the way you build your your brand, the way you build your team, your systems, your offers everything they need to come from phase one, what you uncovered during that and that is how you are going to stay magnetic. It's Going to it's how you're going to be aligned. It's how you're going to see those results.Okay? But once you are past,like sort of laying those baselines or reaching those baselines for that, for this journey, know that it can start to get confusing and messy, and you can one day be feeling like,oh my gosh, there's just so much I've accomplished and I'm looking at me, I'm on fire, and the next day, what am I doing with my life. And that is quite normal. I have clients who come to me having achieved so much success and, and their job is to literally help other people reach similar kinds of success.And they come to me going, I just can't I don't understand what went wrong, like, one second, it was great. Now I'm,I'm in burnout, I'm overwhelmed,I'm feeling resentful. I'm confused. It's, it's, it feels like a mess, I've created a mess for myself. And, you know, the good thing, like the thing that I can tell you from having helped these people, and also it helped to myself out of this mess as well is that you don't stay in that phase. And again,it's not that you have gone back to the beginning again, it's just you're ready for your next level you can it that's when you know that okay, like I've I've kind of capped reached my my like glass ceiling, I guess for my brand. And now I need to go back and do some more work and lay my next level of, I guess,foundations in those phases. So I hope that in this big ramble that you've got something out of this episode, that maybe there's some clarity around where you're at, and what needs to change for you to reach that next level that you want to be at, please reach out, let me know,@IamKatElizabeth on Instagram.You know, I just love to know what you got out of this episode. And what else do I need to tell you? Okay, so I've had I've been pushing back because of my own rebrand and all the craziness, but unbridled. My program that really is going to be about unlocking your next level of inner magnetism. It is coming, it is still coming soon.And the waitlist is open. If you head to, you will find it get your name on it. It's not a commitment to sign up. It's just to make sure you're kept in the loop about any updates of which will be coming in the next couple of weeks. And then there's so much else to come episodes on. The rebrand. Like before and afters,what really went into it, I think we're gonna have to talk about messaging more. There's just so much I want to share with you. So I should probably stop leaving such big gaps between episodes. But thank you so much if you're still listening, and if you don't mind heading over to Apple podcasts and leaving me a written review.It would be incredible because it just helps make sure that this podcast reaches the ears of more people who need it. So thank you in advance for your help with that. Thanks for listening. Have a wonderful week ahead and I will talk to you next time.