Becoming Magnetic with Kat Elizabeth

The 2 kinds of magnetism you need as a personal brand: what they are & how to generate them

September 07, 2023 Kat Elizabeth Season 4 Episode 4
Becoming Magnetic with Kat Elizabeth
The 2 kinds of magnetism you need as a personal brand: what they are & how to generate them
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What makes us magnetic as humans is NOT the same thing as what makes us magnetic as "brands" -- although you can't have one without the other!

It's time for an overdue episode on what magnetism even is and how we can create it... and spoiler alert: It's created from 2 different sources.

Hit play if you want to understand:

  • Why personal brands need 2 different kinds of magnetism
  • What happens if you only have 1 of them
  • Practical ways to make 1% improvements to your own magnetism
  • The key to unlocking your own magnetic potential
  • And the most underrated factor in generated more of both kinds of magnetism

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[00:00:00] It hit me recently that we haven't actually unpacked magnetism. In a while on this podcast, part of me is have we ever really, yes, of course we have because every single topic, everything I'm talking about is leading you in the direction of becoming more magnetic as a human and building that magnetic brand.

[00:00:21] But I thought it would be helpful potentially today to dissect magnetism because there's more to it than. What meets the eye, and you will often hear certain people talking about magnetism purely through the lens of you being magnetic as a human being. And that's great 'cause that's important.

[00:00:43] And then you'll have other people that talk about brand magnetism and it's really more about the brand itself as if it's its own. Entity. And so what I'm wanting to do today is really talk about how these two come together. They have to come together [00:01:00] when it comes to magnetism, when building a personal brand, because we've got personal... plus... brand. 

[00:01:07] Yeah. Right. So we are needing to think about who we are as humans, as well as this brand that we're building. They're obviously connected, but there are different elements involved in the magnetism of those two different things. So that is what today is all about. I hope you like it. Let's dive in. 

[00:01:24] You are listening to Becoming Magnetic, where we believe that magnetic personal brands are built from the inside out. I'm your host, cat Elizabeth, personal branding coach, entrepreneur, brand builder, and tough love deliverer. And I'm here to bring you some much needed real talk about what it really takes to get known for your brilliance.

[00:01:45] Paid to do what you love and to show up as your most magnetic self so you can experience success on your terms. So with no further ado, let's dive in. I realized I needed to [00:02:00] create this episode partially because of a conversation I was having the other day with a potential client who was asking me about how we present as in what we wear and whether or not that has much of an impact on our personal brand and.

[00:02:15] The answer that I gave her, which I'll give you in a second, can really be translated into the big picture of everything that we're gonna be talking about as far as magnetism goes. And so what I was saying is that, yes, absolutely what we wear plays a big part in our personal brand because yes, it's partially about how we are perceived by people around us, but it's also about how we feel and.

[00:02:41] There are actually two different kinds of magnetism. There's inner magnetism, the magnetism that is actually generated from within you as a human being, which is more about the energy that you are putting out that draws people to you, and [00:03:00] that is going to be. Increased or you know you're gonna generate more if you are dressing in a way that makes you feel really good and really confident.

[00:03:10] So that's reason number one. It's important to think carefully about what you're wearing. But then on the other side we've got outer magnetism or what I sometimes refer to as material magnetism. And so that is what's going on the outside and it's more about how other people are interpreting. Our brand, the things that they see and interact with.

[00:03:30] And so that can be how we are dressing. It can be the fonts and the colors that we use, like we'll go into more detail in a second. But basically the way you dress may. Resonate may jive with certain people and not other people. And so keeping that in mind too is who are you trying to, I don't like saying, trying to impress, but who is gonna be in that room or in that zoom room or on the other end of watching the video you're on.

[00:03:59] And [00:04:00] just keeping in mind it's not about trying to change who you are to appeal to a certain person, but keeping in mind that our clothing can send these subtle signals to someone that helps them decide if they're, if we are for them or not. So you might. Dress very corporate, very like polished and buttoned up.

[00:04:21] You might be someone who likes to wear designer clothing, and so your audience is gonna be someone who probably values that. Maybe it's aspirational to them or maybe that's how they dress, and so they're gonna see you in that and go, oh, we, we like I was like, like-minded, but like we, we've got things in common. If you are dressing in a way that's more, let's say it's that a bit more like boho, floaty, maybe you've got more of a hippie vibe. I don't know. I'm not actually good at describing specific. Clothing styles. I don't like to lump them into these kind of categories, but it's really just for the purposes of this conversation that we're generalizing here.

[00:04:57] But yeah, if you have got something that [00:05:00] comes across as more floaty and creative, and even if your clothing sends a message that like, I don't really care what I'm wearing. I just wanna be comfortable. Well, you are going to then, Be more likely to attract an audience or to appeal or resonate with people who feel the same, who are like, no, I don't really value looking a particular way in my clothes.

[00:05:25] I just wanna be able to do my thing and be free to. Express myself, however the hell I want. So this inner magnetism versus outer magnetism thing applies to absolutely everything that we are doing when we're trying to build a personal brand. And clothing is just one tiny little piece of this, but I just thought this was a good little, segue or intro into just talking a little bit more about what.

[00:05:54] Inner magnetism really is where it comes from, how we can create more of it. [00:06:00] And then the same on the other side with your outer magnetism. So we'll start with the inner magnetism because as I always say, we are building our brands from the inside out. 'cause really magnetism starts on the inside and the externalized version of that should really just be an extension of what's coming.

[00:06:22] Out of us, if that makes sense. But on the inside what is it that actually makes someone. Magnetic. What is it that gives someone that energy where you're just drawn to them? Now, again, keep in mind that just because you are magnetic to some people does not mean you're magnetic to all people. In fact, the more magnetic.

[00:06:45] You become. And when I say the more magnetic, the more you, the more authentic you become. The more you are able to show up as your true self, the more you're going to really strongly attract certain people and then repel other people because it becomes just more [00:07:00] obvious who you're for versus who you are not for.

[00:07:02] Whereas if you're trying to just appeal to the masses and you're not necessarily bringing your full self to the table, then yet people might not have as strong opinions about you, and that can be. It can be a double-edged sword. Yeah, okay, great. People aren't necessarily feeling strongly against you.

[00:07:18] You're not necessarily attracting trolls or people who are just feel, you get that kind of feeling of wow, they really just don't understand me. They don't like me. But then you're also probably gonna, less likely to have people who are fiercely loyal to your brand and telling everybody they know about you, because again, they're just like, oh yeah, like maybe if you stumble across their feet or they stumble across.

[00:07:42] Your content, I should say. They don't mind it. They enjoy it. Maybe they get some tips from it, but there might not be this really strong emotional or energetic connection to you. And so it can be scary to up the ante, to dial up the volume on your inner magnetism [00:08:00] because it means that you are going to have people's opinions of you get stronger.

[00:08:06] But this is also the key to really blowing up and. And creating a brand that makes a far bigger impact. So it's just one of those things to be aware of and know that getting those strong reactions that maybe are on the negative side, probably actually a clue that you're doing the right thing, that you're moving in the right direction.

[00:08:29] But anyways. Back to my point, I'm, I need to avoid too many rabbit holes in this episode. 'cause I do believe I can keep it snappy. So what are the things that generate in a magnetism? Well, I've written down my short list, and some of these things are more buckets, like you can label them however you want, but in a nutshell, Things like self-belief, believing just in your value as a human being, believing in the work you do, believing in the value of the stuff that you are creating or the value of the services you [00:09:00] offer or of what you can bring to a company.

[00:09:03] Like whatever that translates to for you. Having a level of self-trust, knowing that. What I say I'm gonna do, I'm gonna follow through like I'm someone who holds my promises to myself, can also generate a lot of inner magnetism, self-worth and deservingness. this kind of goes beyond self-belief and even like self-confidence.

[00:09:22] This is more just like the inherent feeling that. I am worthy and deserving of success and abundance just because I am here on this planet. It's not the feeling that you have to earn it. It's just I'm worthy. 'cause I am. And this is this is the big work. This is where we can spend years and years working towards developing a very deep.

[00:09:44] Feeling of this, but this is more on the, I would say the emotional, spiritual and I mean it's mental as well because so much of how we feel about ourselves is about the stories that we tell ourselves, the stories that we believe [00:10:00] about the world. And they say that, I think, what was it? I was listening to something with Dr.

[00:10:06] Bruce Lipton the other day. I think he was saying that. 90% or 95% of our programming comes from when we are the ages of zero to seven. Okay? So if you are someone who's like, how am I supposed to start believing in myself? I've never believed in myself. I have so much self doubt. Well just know it's not.

[00:10:26] Your fault. That would just be what you've been trained to believe based on what you have heard, what you've observed, what you've been told, how you've lived in those early years. And you can absolutely do work to rewrite those narratives. It doesn't necessarily happen overnight. I'm still working on some of mine.

[00:10:45] I've, rewritten a lot of them and have experienced a lot of. Wonderful breakthroughs and change and all sorts of good stuff because of it. And then there are other ones that just go so deep that they take longer. But just know that[00:11:00] you don't have to just be born with this. Yes, technically we're born with this, but.

[00:11:04] Really the process that I've experienced is that it's more about once you hit a certain point in your life and your journey, you realize, okay, now's when I need to do the work to undo and let go of so much of what I've been carrying. So I can get back to basics. 'cause we all start with clean slates, anyway, this is another dangerous rabbit hole. We will pin that for a second. And move to some of the stuff that can feel a bit more practical and a bit more doable right now. Physical energy, how much energy you just have in your body is going to impact the level of magnetism you have. If you are exhausted.

[00:11:39] If you are burnt out, good luck showing up with all of that, you know, joie and drawing people to you. 'cause chances are it's, it's less about drawing people to you. You may not just have the energy to show up, in general. So this is where self-care rest [00:12:00] is so important. If you think you can suffer your way to magnetism, you are wrong.

[00:12:08] And I can say this confidently 'cause I've tried. A few times and burnt myself out in the process. It just doesn't work. At some point, it's gonna catch up with you. Yes, there is an element of there is gonna be hard work. There is sometimes there is hustle, there are seasons of pushing a little bit more than maybe you would in other seasons, but.

[00:12:29] We can't hack our way to magnetism at some point. It all comes out in the wash. So if you are feeling flat, if you're feeling like, oh my gosh, I just, I can't even show up, but like I have to, it's a good thing to start checking yourself. Just make a habit of checking in and going, what do I need?

[00:12:46] What does my body actually need right now? Because the thing that your body needs might be like the thing that is going to lead to all that extra magnetism, and it's not about needing the latest tactic or strategy or [00:13:00] to just increase the volume of your posting. That can mean nothing if you are doing it from a place of being depleted.

[00:13:07] Being in flow and loving what you do is also going to create magnetism. So if you are spending the majority of your time doing work that you cannot stand, well, it's to be expected that you are going to feel less magnetic and you may struggle to, you may feel like you're having a sort of like you chase opportunities as opposed to things just landing in your lap.

[00:13:34] Now here's the thing. If we are all going to, like in life, there are gonna be things that we have to do that we like less than other things that we have to do. And there's gonna be things that just feel like, well, they're non-negotiable. Like they're just critical for me, keeping myself alive. And then there are things that you would just wish you could spend all your time doing that is.

[00:13:53] That is normal. So it's not about putting an end to the stuff you don't wanna do. However, [00:14:00] we need to either start looking for ways to do less of the work or the things that we really don't enjoy if they are truly draining us. And that can be. Really looking at our strategy, looking at making some big changes.

[00:14:15] Maybe it's getting a different job. Is there anything that you can outsource? Is there anything you're just doing unnecessarily from a place of shooting? And then if you've eliminated everything you can, then the next thing is to somehow find a way of bringing some more joy to those things that you don't.

[00:14:32] Like doing. Okay. And so for me, sometimes, especially in the past when before I had the self-awareness about why I was struggling with certain tasks and everything, which was more connected to the A D H D, I'd already begun this. Process of like, how can I make this more fun? And so if I was sitting down to do some tedious work, I would take a moment to set up my environment a certain way.

[00:14:56] I would, I had my focus candle that I would put on. It's not a [00:15:00] fancy candle, it's just a candle, but it smelt really nice and I like having a candle on when I do that work. And I would take some time to tune into myself and be like, what kind of music? Do I need today? And I would find a playlist that was going to work for me to make it more fun, and maybe I would change up my environment, go somewhere else.

[00:15:19] Than I would normally be working. So I could take, trick myself into feeling like this wasn't as worky. And those kinds of things can just, it's not to say they just magically make things fun that weren't fun before, but they certainly can make them less tedious. And so just keep in mind that all of these different things, every single thing that you do, whether it's bringing a little bit more joy to something, whether it's getting that little bit more rest, or just taking a moment during the day to refill your cup.

[00:15:48] Whether it's doing that daily meditation or self-care activity that just starts your day off, right? Consider all of these things to be the 1% work that will eventually [00:16:00] snowball. Your inner magnetism will only continue to grow and. Once it's there in place, it can take a lot to derail that like it's you.

[00:16:09] You increase your baseline. So have faith and don't try and magically change everything overnight. Just start to think where am I being drained the most? Where am I struggling the most in my, whether it's my belief or anything like that. And what could I do? What's one little thing that I could do?

[00:16:28] Next, and then we come to the other side, which is the outer magnetism. So I want you to see in a magnetism, if we're gonna put it in one bucket let's say that is the energetic. Magnetism. Alright, so it's that intangible, even though it's tangible, but it's like it's hard to put your finger on exactly what it is.

[00:16:48] You can't pin it to one particular tactic or anything like that. It's just a feeling. Whereas when we move over to outer magnetism, let's put this very high level, there's more to it, and I'll break [00:17:00] that down in a sec. But this is the strategic bucket. This is where we can actually think more about, well, okay, it's strategic, I would say.

[00:17:08] In a lot of ways, because it's gonna be very much about the receiving end of this, as in who are the people who you are wanting to grab the attention of? Who do you wanna be noticed by? Well then there needs to be resonance with them. In order for them to take notice. And while the inner magnetism is great, once they know about you and they're paying enough attention they'll get a feeling for that inner magnetism, for that energy that you're putting out there.

[00:17:37] But how do we get their attention in the first place? How do we keep it before we've fully won them over? And how do we make sure that they are able to self-qualify to know that we are the person they should be? Really listening to learning from potentially working with. So this is where outer magnetism comes into play.

[00:17:57] And so very high level, some [00:18:00] of the things that are gonna play into this is yes, how you present, like I mentioned, like what you wear, how you dress, how you style yourself, for sure. The images that you put out there of, and it can be of you, but even just the imagery you choose to use in your brand are going to.

[00:18:17] Attract versus repel different kinds of people. Your brand visuals, so the fonts that you use the colors, the templates, how much white space, just the vibe. Think about, a comic stands font versus a, a font, like A Times New Roman versus a hell vtiger. Now I'm using.

[00:18:35] Very traditional old school fonts to make my point so that everyone hopefully knows what they are. Those three different fonts say th three very different things and are gonna appeal to different kinds of people. I'm in the yes in the bucket of someone who cringes. When I see comic sands used in basically any form and yet the people who are using comic sands are probably going to resonate with someone else who likes [00:19:00] comic sands.

[00:19:00] 'cause they're like, oh, it's fun. I like it 'cause it's casual, like it has a vibe. Okay. Whether or not it is the best choice, whether it's classy or relevant or current is actually. Not the point. It's whether or not it's going to resonate with the person. You want to pay attention. And then we get to the meat of it, which is messaging.

[00:19:24] And so messaging comes through. Yes. In all of your visuals, like everything that you put out there into the world is sending a message, but the where the most strategy is going to go and the most work. And time as well because it can, messaging does not just happen overnight. Your messaging is the thing that is going to have the biggest impact as to whether or not someone.

[00:19:50] Just feels it that gets it and goes, oh my gosh, yes, you are the person. How did you know that you're in my head. Everything I'm reading, I'm just nodding [00:20:00] along. I, this is exactly what I need. Versus someone who starts reading and goes, yeah, nah, and then closes the. The window, closes down your website and goes, that's not it.

[00:20:08] And keeps on with their Google search. So all of these things are in the strategic bucket simply because we have so much choice around this. Like these are decisions that we can make. They don't need to happen accidentally. And the most challenging part is navigating the. The strategic and just trying to do the things right.

[00:20:31] Trying to fill in the blanks and get the formulas right and make sure that what you're doing is resonating with your audience, and then making sure that what you're putting out is still authentic to who you are, because it should be an extension of who you are. It should just be your energy in visual or written format, basically.

[00:20:51] And that can be a tough balance to find. And it's, it's a constant dance that we're doing. But, so we've now covered, this [00:21:00] is inner versus outer magnetism. And if you want, I want you to visualize, or you can pull out a piece of paper and a pen or a pencil and draw the classic Venn diagram with two circles.

[00:21:11] So you've got one circle, and I want you to draw the circle next to it slightly overlapping, so you've got that bit in the middle. Okay. We've got the inner magnetism, the outer magnetism, that crossover in the middle. I call that meaningful magnetism. This is where we really start to be able to make a difference, because if all we do is focus on outer magnetism, we are missing the point.

[00:21:33] We are disconnected from who we are and we are probably lacking that. Authenticity and individuality that I talked about in an earlier episode when I was talking about the pillars of the blueprint. If we only have, if we're relying purely on inner magnetism, this is like the. Pray and spray method?

[00:21:54] No. Is it spray and pray. Okay. It's basically like I'm just gonna be, I'm just gonna sit here and hope people [00:22:00] just find me and I will tell you, look that can happen to a point occasionally and maybe in the earlier days. For instance, you know when a platform is just getting started, like YouTube, you could be posting random videos and ended up with this massive following.

[00:22:14] But we are now bombarded with options and the competition is fierce, not competition oh, there are so many people that you are being compared with. Compared to, but competition for our attention. So that means we do need to pour more. Time, energy and strategy into making sure that we are getting found by the right people at the right time and saying the things that they need to hear because we do have limited time to do that.

[00:22:48] And that's where the strategy of understanding platforms, understanding how to communicate properly, building the right skills to communicate effectively. [00:23:00] Really take your outer magnetism to the next level. So again, we've got inner a magnetism, outer magnetism. This crossover is meaningful magnetism, we need both sides.

[00:23:11] But there are two extra elements that I wanted to touch on that are not always taken into consideration. So one of them is, I call these like your magnetic multipliers. Alright? And. One of them. So basically the keys to unlocking these things, if you're feeling very stuck and you're like, I'm not super magnetic right now I just dunno what I'm doing.

[00:23:33] Like, how do I figure this out? Well, the first thing that's going to unlock that magnetic potential inside you is movement motion. Okay. Taking action. That is the thing that gets the ball rolling and. One of the reasons that this is so important is the more action we take, the more we are [00:24:00] going to get clarity on what's working and versus what's not working.

[00:24:04] And when I say that, I mean what feels really good for us, what makes us feel more magnetic while we're doing it, but also what is actually. Cutting through the noise and what is falling flat. Like these things are important for us to know. This is the feedback that we need, but then also as we keep taking action, as long as we are being really intentional about it, it's certainly not about throwing spaghetti at the wall.

[00:24:31] We are going to develop thing number two that is going to really help. You blow up, take things to the next level, and that is your ability to execute this strategy. And really what's underneath that is your skill level. And we forget that there so much of what is in, actually it's in both buckets.

[00:24:59] I'm like looking at my [00:25:00] list. So much of the strategy piece, so your messaging, your confidence on camera, even your ability to dress in a certain way, to style yourself in a certain way, like this is all. A skill that we can develop. Same with understanding platforms and how to really increase your reach and all of those things.

[00:25:19] It's not that you just learn one hack and then off you go. The skill, first of all is just even. Finding your voice, finding what it is you wanna talk about, and then really developing the ability to articulate that in a way that's really clear, that's unique, that gets your point across and that resonates with that person.

[00:25:37] Like all of that is a skill and we just, I think the value of skill development is really undervalued and not talked about enough when it c in this online space because so many people want to. Sell you a oh, just follow my step by step foolproof plan, and you'll be a [00:26:00] millionaire in 60 days, or whatever this crap is.

[00:26:03] And they are just not taking into consideration the skills that we need to develop to be able to execute. Let that plan well. But then on the other side, on the inner magnetism side, being able to coach yourself through the inevitable challenges that are going to come up. Being able to build the self-trust as a result of you following through on your plans, you being able to find that balance of knowing when to push versus when to pull back, when to give yourself a pep talk to get yourself out of a funk versus when to let you yourself.

[00:26:39] Just feel it all the feels. This is a skill too. This it's self-management. It's self-direction, self-coaching, and these skills on this side of things to me are actually even more valuable than the ones on the other side in the long run because I. These skills to do with your inner [00:27:00] magnetism are the ones that guarantee you can just play the long game.

[00:27:03] And if you can play the long game, if you can stick with this, like I said, again in with the pillars, that's why pillar four is longevity. Playing the long game is all you need. You will get there. If you can just keep your skin in the game, you will. Get to where you want to go eventually. But if you just go all in on the tactics and you overinvest in getting the perfect website and the like expensive photo shoot and all of that upfront and you haven't developed the ability to stick with this, then that is those investments are, there's a good chance they're gonna go to waste 'cause you won't be around long enough.

[00:27:42] In the game. That sounds really morbid to actually get to, to see them pay off and as I've mentioned, probably previously, but we will be doing more we'll go further into this over the next few episodes, but, and if you are trying to. [00:28:00] Shortcut this process, trying to outsource your magnetism early on.

[00:28:04] You never fully outsource your magnetism, but if you haven't really done the process of developing this inner magnetism and knowing exactly who you are and how you wanna show up, how you best express yourself, developing your message just through repetition, through just putting in the reps and showing up, and risking doing things imperfectly and having egg on your face.

[00:28:27] That is what eventually leads you to having the clarity that you need to then even be able to have someone help you build some of these extra pieces. To get to the point where you're ready to even outsource. And I do have a lot of potential clients come to me and some of them in the past who I haven't ended up working with, were looking for some.

[00:28:47] Shortcut some hack and they were like, can you just do it for me? Can you just write the content for me? And yeah, I am, I'm a copywriter. Like technically I could, but it's not going to get you where you wanna go [00:29:00] because it like the process of discovering these things, discovering yourself and your message and what you wanna put out there is a thing that will.

[00:29:10] Make you the thought leader you wanna be. It's going to help you develop the inner magnetism that you require, and then really develop this strategy that makes you. You as in your onlyness factor, the thing that makes you unmistakable and unforgettable. It, that can't be hacked. And so that is why from the very beginning, I'm always making sure that.

[00:29:36] With my clients, with my students. We are working on both sides of this process, knowing that they are feeding each other. As you build the outer magnetism, as you get better at presenting yourself and communicating, articulating your value, your belief, your inner magnetism increases as a result.

[00:29:56] 'cause you're like, yeah. I know I can do this. There's one little, one less little bit of [00:30:00] self doubt, but as you are getting more sure of your value just as a human being and more convinced that your mission is important and needs to be, Out there in the world that is gonna translate to your outer magnetism and make your message more compelling.

[00:30:20] And so that's why I'm saying we, we can't have one without the other. And it begins with taking action. Okay? This does not happen from purely naval gazing. I'm all for the contemplation inflation. I send my clients lots of questions to answer. If I'm on onboarding someone to work with me one-on-one.

[00:30:41] They could spend quite a long time on the onboarding questionnaire. 'cause there's a lot that I want them to reflect on and to think about. But then it's okay, pen's down. Cool. Based on this information, let's take action. Let's run our first experiment and get you to the next point, and then we can do a little bit more [00:31:00] reflection and assessment, and then we can adjust the plan and we can move forward again.

[00:31:04] And it's just this rinse and repeat. And at every single checkpoint, we're gonna have a bit more inner magnetism, a bit more clarity on how we can improve our Adam magnetism and this. Is the process. This is it. And that is why I was saying in the last episode that this is a cycle that just continues to grow because you are going to change you.

[00:31:25] You are not gonna hit this end point where suddenly you have it all figured out. Like it's right when you think you've got it all figured out, that you suddenly realize you've changed and it's time to make a change to your strategy. And it's oh my goodness. Here we go again. But I'm gonna wrap it up here. . What I will leave you with is just a couple of practical things. So for me, some of the things that have helped the most with my inner magnetism have been doing meditation and journaling.

[00:31:53] That helped me. quicker work through what it is that's going on, what is holding me back, and where are those blocks. [00:32:00] And I've also spent the last three years doing a lot of reprogramming, neural reprogramming through hypnosis and things like that to just make sure that the narratives in my head are actually aligned with what I'm trying to achieve.

[00:32:14] And so whatever you can do along those lines. Just start with something and really focus on just raising your awareness about what is it that I'm struggling with? Where are the wobbles coming from? Where don't I believe my, in myself, is it to do with me not believing in my mission?

[00:32:32] Is it to do with me not believing that? My offer is valuable or that I'm, do I not believe that I'm able to communicate my value enough? That can give us clues as to what to do next. And then on the strategic side, I would say that really pay attention to. How well you are able to actually execute any plan that you're putting into place.

[00:32:51] Check yourself if you are over consuming information and not taking enough action to just put in [00:33:00] those reps and. Sometimes the most helpful thing to do is to get someone else to take a look at your brand. Like you can say, Hey, this is me and this is what I'm trying to put out there. What are you getting from this?

[00:33:12] And they might be able to bring you some perspective and help you see what you can't. C 'cause it's, it can be really difficult to read the label from inside the bottle. So there's just a few little nuggets. Obviously, if you want more practical help from me, I would be thrilled to help. My one-on-one coaching is one way that we can do this, but I also have one off

[00:33:35] options as far as one-on-one sessions go. So I have a strategy mapping session where we can actually spend an hour really peeling back the layers of going what is going on right now? What are you trying to achieve? And then you can get my perspective on both your outta magnetism and you're inner magnetism.

[00:33:51] Like I'll be able to uncover where you've got blockages. On the practical side of things in your strategy and in your brand, what's not translating in the way you want it [00:34:00] to. And I'm also very good at cutting to the chase of figuring out where the potential subconscious blocks are coming from that could be derailing you.

[00:34:09] And on that note another one of the one-off ways that we can work together is something new that I'm really excited about. Which is my magnetic activations. And so this is where you actually will do a session with me where I'm gonna do a consult and we are gonna spend the entire time getting to the heart of what those blocks are, what the beliefs are that you have that are holding you back, the beliefs that you want to have, the ones that you believe are gonna allow you to show up in the way you need to achieve all you wanna achieve.

[00:34:37] And then I am actually going to create, A custom hypnosis track for you that you will listen to for 21 days straight. You can listen to it for more if you want, but 21 days is generally what it takes to really have these new narratives take root and it's written. Just for you to tap into your magnetic potential.

[00:34:58] So it's just like what [00:35:00] I've been doing for myself for years, except it's actually personalized. So where I've been listening to a lot of generic things, which can take a lot longer because I'm then having to figure out myself, what I'm needing to get to the root of. In this one, I will actually have already figured out what those blocks are, and then I'm going to write your new narrative for you and you're just going to listen every day and it's gonna be implanted into your brain with the magic of neuroplasticity, and it is going to accelerate your progress like.

[00:35:30] Nobody's business because it's like having me coaching you every single day for 21 days, except more powerful because I'm coaching your subconscious, which is where the changes really need to take place. So I will include links to the roadmap session, the. Magnetic activations, one-on-one coaching.

[00:35:47] And then of course there's unmistakable, which I've mentioned recently too, which is my self-paced program, which really walks you through the whole process of becoming your own strategy, which is the key to really going from [00:36:00] developing the inner magnetism to then having that translate into your outer magnetism.

[00:36:04] So those are all the things. I'm running out of breath now and I need some water, so I'm gonna go. But I hope this was helpful, and if you have any questions for me, just. Shoot me an email and I'm more than happy to chat. Thanks as always, and I will chat to you on the next one.